Polymath started with one key goal: to take the best in music and cinema and get it in front of the right people, which we’ve been doing with gusto since 2009. We’ve worked with Grammy & Ivor Novella Award winning artists, Academy Award nominated actors, and rising bands and filmmakers still finding their feet; the size of the artist is irrelevant if the work is solid.


We’re a multi-award nominated Public Relations and Social Media Management company based in Nottingham, UK, working primarily in the music and film industries.

We’ve handled press and media for countless tours and events, including the Trondheim Metal Festival, the event “Art As An Act Of Defiance” at Chatham House, the second largest think tank in the world, and the 2019 FrightFest premiere for action/horror film “The Ascent”. We’ve managed media affairs for clients at events including Comic Con and Download Festival, alongside countless record, EP and video campaigns.

We’ve worked numerous campaigns starring Oscar nominated actor John Malkovich; the short film “Hell” and the vinyl release ‘Illuminate’. We also helped Raging Speedhorn crowdfund the money for their 2016 record “Lost Ritual” and handled international media affairs for “The Godfathers of Hardcore”; a documentary about Agnostic Front, the New York-based hardcore band.

If you’re in a band or promoting a new movie, and in need of promotion or social media help, Polymath has you covered.