godfathers of hardcore - 2019

Ian McFarland’s 2019 documentary “The Godfathers Of Hardcore” was the perfect crossover project. A beautiful portrait of brotherhood and fragility that spoke to both cinephiles and hardcore fans. The media agreed, with outlets as diverse as Metal Hammer and Down For Life Magazine to Variety and Hollywood Reporter giving it glowing reviews.

Words Marvel.jpg

words that burn - 2019

When promoting an artist, its important to be aware of what’s going on in pop culture at that moment. While working with Irish metallers Words That Burn on their 2019 album “Pyres” it was just as “Avengers: Endgame” was about to drop. What did we do? Got the band to talk up their love of Marvel to the biggest metal magazine in Europe.


rome - 2018

Looking to widen their fan base, Luxembourg based neo-folk outfit Rome hired us to handle their latest record, 2018’s “Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro”. Not only did the record go on to receive glowing reviews and radio play from alternative outlets in the UK and Europe, but it was warmly received by the blues and country markets too.

Invoker - Metal Hammer Interview.jpg

invoker - 2017

Despite never stepping foot in the UK, Swiss hardcore mob Invoker launched a stunning campaign in 2017 when promoting their EP ‘Four Wall Nightmare’. This included both a review and a wonderful interview in Metal Hammer Magazine.

Beholder - Dagbladet Feature.jpg

beholder - 2016

British progressive metallers Beholder had a reputation for tackling topics that required a mature voice, something they pulled off well. Case in point, their 2016 video for “Frozen Steps Of Utoya” about the 2011 massacre. The video premiered on Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet’s website.

Martin Bisi - Clown Magazine Review.jpg

martin bisi/sound & chaos - 2016

Having spent 30+ years nourishing talent and pushing sonic boundaries, Martin Bisi’s career was captured in the brilliant documentary; “Sound & Chaos”, released in 2016. The film was a success, picking up great reviews and interviews, including a spot on BBC Radio Five Live.

Dreaming Of Jupiter - Hot Press Exclusive.jpg

Dreaming Of Jupiter – 2015

In 2015 we briefly worked with Irish alt-pop outfit Dreaming of Jupiter. In our view, its important to for an artist to make their mark at home, so our plan was to secure them a placement with national radio outlet RTE and alterative magazine Hot Press. Both covered the band.

Raging Speedhorn - Terrorizer Magazine Interview.jpg

raging speedhorn/pledge Music - 2015

Having worked with Raging Speedhorn since 2014, we’ve worked with them on a number of projects. The most prolific being the Pledge Music campaign for their latest album ‘Lost Ritual’. We managed to raise over £14,000 with a target of £10,000.

Sandi Thom - TV3 Interview.jpg

Sandi Thom – 2013

Stepping in to help promote Sandi’s covers album ‘The Covers Collection’ and corresponding tours, the result was a series of great reviews and features, including an appearance on National TV in Ireland, on TV3’s breakfast show, Good Morning Ireland.

Frank Gambale - Jazz Press Review.jpg

Frank Gambale – 2012

In 2012, Grammy winning guitarist Frank Gambale returned with his latest project; the jazz laden Soulmine. The record went on to score excellent reviews and national airplay in the UK and Europe.

Metal Sucks Dom.jpg

wobbling about and rocking out - 2019

Hull based businessman Dom Smith is the beating heart of northern alternative culture. Drummer for a number of projects including grindcore duo Parasitic Twins, editor for Soundsphere Magazine and host at Give Me A Hull Yeah podcast. However, its Dom’s work raising awareness for disabled musicians and fans through Wobbling About & Rocking Out that best highlights the kind of man he is.

Arab News Piece.jpg

Hamra Street Exhibition – 2018

“24 Hours On Hamra Street” was a documentary and instillation piece by Dr Lina Khatib, head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs & Chatham House. Her intention was to highlight the plight of street children living on the streets of Damascus in Syria.

Blaakyum - The Quietus Feature.jpg

art as an act of defiance - 2017

Dr Lina Khatib, head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs brought Lebanese metallers Blaakyum over as part of a discussion at Chatham House titled “Art As An Act Of Defiance”. The response was fantastic from both members and the media, and lead to a fascinating debate on art as a tool of rebellion.

Skindred Poster.jpg

Skindred/Raging speedhorn/feed the rhino tour – 2017

On the lead up to Skindred’s tour with Raging Speedhorn and Feed The Rhino in early 2017, we stepped in to work with 7PM Management and X-Ray Touring to help with promotion and set up a bunch of contests. The result? Nearly every show was sold out.

Beth Black Velvet.jpg

Beth blade and the beautiful disasters - 2016

In early 2016, Beth Blade was a notable presence on the British gigging circuit but had yet to receive any recognition from the media. However, following the release and subsequent praise of new album ‘Bad Habit’, she picked up several high profile tour spots and festival appearances.

Wash Club Poster.jpg

team chameleon/wash club - 2016

Partially funded by the BFI, Nottingham based production company’s 2016 film “Wash Club” went on to appear at a number of BAFTA accredited festivals, including Aesthetica and Galway Film Festival. As the closing days of their crowdfunder closed in, we helped them with a final PR bump, helping secure the funds.

Danny Saber - BBC Radio 5 Live Interview.jpg

Michael Hutchence – 2015

“Friction” was an unreleased track by deceased INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, produced by his friend and established producer/composer Danny Saber. The track did very well, picking up national airplay in the UK and Europe.

Trondheim Metal Festival - Metal Sucks Sponsorship.jpg

Trondheim Metal Festival – 2015

A year-long endeavour, we began working with the team behind Norway’s Trondheim Metal Fest in late 2014, securing them national coverage and media sponsorship with US based outlet Metal Sucks. While this was the festival’s final year, the event sold out.

Man to Man.jpg

Dave Stewart – 2012

Ahead of the 2012 Olympics, Eurythmics frontman Dave Stewart teamed up with Jihae for the beautiful “Man To Man”. The track went on to be a huge success, picking up national coverage in the UK and Europe, including spots on BBC Radio Five Live.

Akarusa Yami - NRK Interview.jpg

Akarusa Yami – 2011

In their first year, Akarusa Yami picked up coverage in national magazines, on national radio across the UK and Europe and appeared at Bloodstock Festival. Their follow up single, “Life, The Venomous Way”, in 2012 was played on national radio across a dozen European countries.

Toby Screen Rant.jpg

toby osmond - 2019

Following his turn as the new Prince of Dorne in “Game of Thrones”, the out pour of attention on London based actor Toby Osmond was immense. Yahoo News, The Ringer, Digital Spy, TV Insider and Screen Rant among others all wanted to chat to Toby, and the response on social media was equally as strong.

Outlawed Write Up.jpg

outlawed premiere - 2018

“Outlawed” was an action film, directed by Luke Radford and stuntman/actor Adam Collins. Shot entirely in Nottingham using local cast and crew, the film was a celebration of Midlands film making and was met with a sold-out opening screening when it opened in September 2018. All proceeds from its theatrical run were donated to help veterans living with PTSD.

Dead Label - Metal Hammer Covermount.jpg

Dead Label - 2017

Ireland’s hardest working band, metal quartet Dead Label have toured with some of the biggest names in their genre over the past few years, and have appeared at Download Festival, Bloodstock Festival and more. In 2017, their brilliant single “Pure Chaos” was included on Metal Hammer’s cover CD.

The Guilt - Rockstar Magazine Feature.jpg

The Guilt - 2017

Sweden duo The Guilt’s brand of high-octane disco punk did astoundingly well with the critics and lead to some great features, one of which being this piece from Rockstar Magazine in Switzerland, the country’s leading alternative/lifestyle magazine.

John Malkovich - Little White Lies Interview.jpg

john malkovich/illuminate - 2016

In early 2016 John Malkovich was involved in the release of the limited run vinyl ‘Illuminate’, which was sold as part of a signing session at Rough Trade in London. This would lead to a short film, “Hell”, which had a successful film festival run.

Dec 24th - BBC 78k Piece V2.jpg

team rock - 2016

In late December 2016, media company Team Rock was forced into administration, leading to the closure of their three magazine titles; Metal Hammer, Prog Magazine and Classic Rock, along with their radio station. Following a brief, aggressive fundraising campaign the three magazines were saved.

Outright Resistance - Diva Magazine Interview.jpg

Outright Resistance – 2015

Firm supports of the LGBTQ+ community, we worked with British metallers Outright Resistance in 2015. Their then frontwoman, Paige, identified as transgender. Her lyrics were about inclusivity and as such we wanted to ensure her voice was heard by the right people, in this case, Diva; the leading magazine for the LGBTQ+ community in the UK.


American Head Charge – 2013

As lifelong fans of American Head Charge, it was a pleasure to work with them in 2012 & 2013 helping promote a number of UK tours and their single “Sugars of Someday”, which picked up airplay on national radio across the UK and Europe.


David Lynch – 2012

Launched with the goals of bringing transcendental meditation to a wider audience and raising funds to help soldiers suffering with PTSD, renowned director David Lynch launched The David Lynch Foundation in 2009. We were fortunate enough to help promote their 2012 boxset ‘Download For Good’.

The Empire Shall Fall - BBC Music Interview.jpg

Jesse Leach – 2010

In 2010, we worked on our first big campaign by representing Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach’s new band, The Empire Shall Fall. Despite having no tours booked or label support, we managed to secure coverage across Europe and secured two award nominations for our work.