what can you do for my movie?


Our job is to get you in front of the media. To take your new Movie/TV Show/Short Film/Appearance and make sure the right people are talking about you. It’s also about understanding you as a filmmaker and making sure you’re going in front of audiences who will get your vision and support your project.

We’ve helped get a Game of Thrones actors on The Ringer while raising their social media followers by the thousand. Helped sell out Leicester Square with horror/thriller film “The Ascent”, raised thousands for a PTSD charity with another sell out for action film “Outlawed”, and helped the BFI backed “Wash Club” secure the remainder of their financing through crowdfunding.

Another important factor is that Polymath work with media outlets in the USA. Our clients have been covered by the likes of Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Screenrant, TV Insider and more.

While guarantees can never be made on a campaign, Polymath pride ourselves in only taking on projects we’re passionate about. If we don’t feel we can do a good job, we won’t take on the project. Your time and money are just as valuable as ours.


Working with Tom Brumpton and Polymath PR has been an absolute pleasure to say the least. I can say with 100% certainty that we would not have done as well without him.
— Ian McFarland, Director, The Godfathers of Hardcore
Polymath have been a fantastic SM/PR team who have maximised the publicity and impact of GoT. They have gone far above and beyond what I could have expected prior to working with them. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!
— Toby Osmond, Game Of Thrones
I cannot be happier with how much coverage we got it, was epic!
— Adam Collins, Director, Outlawed
Tom was always on hand when we needed him, and every part of the process was easy from start to finish.
— Lauren Parker, Team Chameleon
Polymath and Tom Brumpton represented my band, and the documentary for my Brooklyn recording studio (Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio) with outstanding results and was a pleasure!
— Martin Bisi
I have worked with Tom on many projects and I cannot recommend him enough. Expect nothing but top-quality results from him.
— Adam Luff, Director/Writer