Despite an increased focus on digital media, print remains a vital part of any PR campaign. We have spent years cultivating relationships with the top names in music, film and national media outlets across the globe. Got a record you think would be perfect for Metal Hammer or Clash? Think your film fits in perfectly with The Hollywood Reporter or Little White Lies? We can make sure it gets into the right hands.

radio plugging services

Alongside building up relationships with print and online outlets, we’ve also busied ourselves getting to know the finest radio DJ’s in the UK and Europe. Our clients regularly enjoy airplay on national, syndicated and regional stations. We’ve handled campaigns for Grammy winning stars right through to rising artists. If you’ve got a new single, we’d love to hear from you.

Event, Festival & Tour support

Got a big festival date or event coming up? Heading out on tour in the next few months? We’ve got you covered. We’ve handled affairs for our clients at events ranging from Download Festival, Bloodstock Festival, BAFTA and Birmingham Comic Con among others. We’ve also handled red carpet events and tours across the UK and Europe more times than we can count.


Its more important than ever that your message appear exactly as intended. A large part of our online campaigns involves working with our clients to create exciting, expansive copy that ensures you connect with your target audience while allowing for a broader appeal. Whether you’re promoting a new song, video or trailer, or you’ve got unique content that offers a deeper insight into your project, we can help find it a home.

TV Plugging services

It would be lazy of us to talk media without addressing television. Alongside securing our clients coverage in print, online and radio, we’ve managed to place our clients, ranging from Ivor Novella award winning artists to up-and-comers, spots on both regional and national TV outlets in the UK and Ireland.

Advertising Coordination and Media Purchasing

An overlooked element of marketing and promotion is advertising. Media outlets use advertising as a means of enhancing their revenue. Wading into this for a new artist can be tricky, as they’re unsure what they should and shouldn’t be paying. Fortunately, negotiating such matters and ensuring both parties get a fair deal is something we have considerable experience and success in.

Social media support

As social media becomes a wider part of how we consume culture and news, we have you covered in ensuring your message gets heard across the right channels. We offer social media management, strategy and content optimisation, which when twinned with our PR and Marketing knowledge helps us expand your target audience and overall reach.

image consultation

A picture speaks a thousand words and nailing the right look has never been more important. When considering an individuals favourite band or filmmaker, a lot of them have their own sense of style; a distinct look which is instantly recognisable. Part of what we do is help you find the right visual that speaks to your target audience before you utter a word.

third party liaison

A large part of hiring a PR firm is to expand your reach to a wider audience, including behind the scenes. For us, this includes preparing a client for a festival, event or tour appearance. We work alongside promoters, venue staff, bookers, management, agencies, labels and other PR teams to maximise our artists involvement.